N-SAS (Nigeria Safety Alert System)

N-SAS (Nigeria Safety Alert System) is a technology driven approach towards enhanced public safety and security for Nigerians.

Android / iOS / PHP / Coordinator / UI/UX

Mobile App, Website & Backend Development





Security System

Team Size:


Development Time:

6 Months

Experience Using Mobile Strategy

N-SAS (Nigeria Safety Alert System) is a technology driven approach towards enhanced public safety and security for Nigerians. Equipped with SOS to alert relevant agencies of any Emergency, Incident reporting for quick response, Property Security and much more. It brings the Officers and relevant agencies of Government closer and easily accessible to the public for safety and security incidents responses.


Client’s Requirements

Mr. Joshua, a Nigerian resident, seeks to develop an app for enhanced security and safety.

His vision encompasses features for security, traffic management, stolen vehicle tracking, and SOS assistance. To bolster the safety net, he intends to integrate e-notices for all users.

At Furrisic Infotech, our team is actively brainstorming to transform Client’s vision into a reality, with a keen focus on meeting these expectations and requirements while ensuring the utmost safety and security for the Nigerian populace.


    Key Feature

    • SOS, File a Report, Complaint or Abuse and get fast response
    • Stay abreast with security alerts and tips for safer environment
    • Help the police combat crime through useful tips and suggestions
    • Locate the nearest Police Station, Patrol Unit with Directions on a Map
    • Secure your vehicle/property against theft by registering it on this App
    • Information Notice Board for Emergency Numbers, Missing Persons, Wanted Persons Stolen Vehicles, Security Tips etc.

    Our Deliverables

    Following an in-depth team discussion, we have decided to embark on the development of three key components: an Admin panel, a Police application, and a User application. These applications aim to cater to the diverse Android and iOS user base in Nigeria, focusing on safety and information needs.

    The professional approach to development


    On-Call Client Meetings

    • Design working model
    • App Conceptualization

    Project Planning

    • Technology brainstorming
    • Scope drafting by BA

    Final Delivery

    • Development
    • Deployment
    • Post-launch support

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