MIGO Live chat app is your go-to destination for thrilling live streaming, real-time social interaction, and fun video discussions.

Android / iOS / Laravel / UI/UX

Mobile App & Backend Development





Online Dating Platform

Team Size:


Development Time:

3.5 Months

Experience Using Mobile Strategy

MIGO Live chat app is your go-to destination for thrilling live streaming, real-time social interaction, and fun video discussions. Connect with friends from around the world, meet like-minded people, and showcase your talents through our easy-to-use voice chat app and live streaming features.

MIGO Live is available in 100+ countries, breaking down geographical barriers and connecting you with friends and talents worldwide. Join the global community and experience the power of social media and social networking on our platform. Show appreciation by sending virtual gifts to broadcasters. Sending gifts unlocks bonus levels and exclusive prizes during live videos and video discussions.


Client’s Requirements

Client come to us and told I want to develop a live chat app for mobile devices that allows users to connect with people from all over the world, broadcast live video content, have real-time audio conversations, showcase their talents and skills, send virtual gifts, and participate in community building activities. The app should be easy to use, secure, and scalable.

At Furrisic Infotech, our team is actively brainstorming to transform Client’s vision into a reality, with a keen focus on meeting these expectations and requirements.


    Key Feature

    • Global Accessibility
    • Live Streaming
    • Voice Chat
    • Virtual Gifting
    • Community Building
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Cross-Platform Compatibility
    • Monetization Features
    • Feedback and Reporting
    • Localization
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Data Analytics

    We Delivered

    Following in-depth team discussion and based on the client’s requirements, we decided to deliver a fully functional live chat app for mobile devices, with features including live streaming, voice chat, social interaction, talent showcases, virtual gifting, community building, content discovery, and more. The app must be user-friendly, secure, cross-platform compatible, scalable, and available in over 100 countries and multiple languages. And the admin panel to monitor the applications

    The professional approach to development


    On-Call Client Meetings

    • Design working model
    • App Conceptualization

    Project Planning

    • Technology brainstorming
    • Scope drafting by BA

    Final Delivery

    • Development
    • Deployment
    • Post-launch support

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